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an early summer gas run

tug 4

Bud Martin's tug, Shamrock, towing his gas barge

     Bud has been in the gas and fuel oil business for over fifteen years. Lately he purchased a small ferry, the West Shore, comparable in size to the Beaver Island Boat Company's South Shore, with which he intends to tow his barge and deliver freight from Manistique in the Upper Peninsula to Beaver Island.  Now that Gillespie Oil and Transit has gone out of the oil and gas business, he has been warning customers that he will be hard pressed to store enough fuel over the winter months to serve everyone, so they should fill their tanks in the fall, and perhaps buy an extra tank that he can fill before the ice makes and closes shipping on the lake.
     On Friday evening, I started into town, but when I saw Buddy's tug and barge entering the harbor in a circle of bright but fading sunlight, I turned around to get the photographer, who caught this picture.

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