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Life in the Beaver Island Archipelago

Discovering Beaver Island - front cover

         Paradise Bay Press has been working on a new Beaver Island book for some time now, after the last copy of Discovering Beaver Island sold out 5 to 6 years ago. At last, in July of 2011, a new book is out: Life in the Beaver Island Archipelago. The new Beaver Island book is 208-pages of color, a 12 x 9 hardcover book. We hope people will enjoy the new book as well as we have enjoyed putting it together. It's available on the Island now at McDonough's Market, The Beaver Island Historical Society, The Beaver Island Community Center, Livingstone Studio, Whimsy, and the Toy Museum. Or if you're not on the Island, you can order the new Beaver Island Book online and we will ship a copy to you tomorrow

         "When you buy this book, you start with the pictures—the lovely places you know so well from different angles and in colors you never saw before. Then you begin to get a sense of the whole: the progression of the seasons, the occasional portrait of an artist (as a Beaver Person).  Eventually, you stop to read the text, and you find there a story of the Island that's easy to read, a mixture of the immediate—the here-and-now—interspersed with history that's amusing and intriguing and contains a multitude of facts you didn't know.  Once you start reading Life in the Beaver Archipelago, like a thriller, it's hard to put down.  It's not just a bunch of terrific pictures, it's a great summer read."

Click here to order the new book today!

                   Paradise Bay Press
                   Post Office Box 52
                   Beaver Island MI 49782



Discovering Beaver Island

Discovering Beaver Island - front cover

         After months of editing and fine-tuning, Discovering Beaver Island, the best book ever for shedding light on why so many people find this to be "America's Enchanting Isle", is now on the Island! This 120-page 8 x 10 book includes 440 full-color images of some of the most attractive and least familiar parts of the archipelago.

         If you are among the thousands who've enjoyed the features on, then you'll love this book.

         Here are some comments from reviewers of
advance copies:

     "I almost cried at how well it captured my feeling for this unspoiled hide-away."

     "Over four hundred reasons why the Beavers are my favorite place to go."

     "I thought I knew Beaver Island, until I read this wonderful book."

                   Paradise Bay Press
                   Post Office Box 52
                   Beaver Island MI 49782

Note as of 12-18-2005: We are grateful to everyone who has purchased a copy of Discovering Beaver Island. The original printing of 2,700 books is now sold out and we are currently unable to fill new orders.




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