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The Cars in Paradise Bay

the Old Wrecked Cars were left forty to fifty years ago
to create added fish habitat

     "Forty and fifty years ago, when fishing in the harbor was starting to decline, creating added fish habitat was suggested. People pushed a few old wrecked cars out on the ice, and left them, with their doors and windows missing, to fall through. Whether they worked or didn't work is not recorded, but the next year more car bodies were left in nearly the same spot."

     "Twenty years ago, many fishermen knew where to try their luck: over the car bodies. But fewer and fewer anglers know about this spot, which can be difficult to find. Kayak instructor Ken Bruland decided to investigate, with his snorkel and underwater camera. Assisted by Mike Moore, he found eleven car bodies, most in a clump 600' from shore, with a few 50' to 100' away. They sit in about 13' of water almost directly in front of Joe Favazza'a house. Once he'd located this refuge, he took gps readings so it could be found again: N 45 degrees, 43.938 minutes, and W 85 degrees, 30.344 minutes. It doesn't look like they're likely to drift."

-- Thank you to Ken Bruland
The Inland Seas School of Kayaking

N 45 degrees, 43.938 minutes
W 85 degrees, 30.344 minutes




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