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The Manitou Arrives in Paradise Bay


     A few days ago, the Manitou made its first appearance of the season, coming in from Northport under sail on a breezy evening. This schooner is similar to one of the sailboats that was common near the end of the 19th century, but is built with 21st century materials.  She measures 114', weighs over 100 tons, and has 3000 ft2 of sail.  Once in the harbor, she wheeled abruptly but gracefully to starboard, completed a half circle, dropped anchor, and let the wind blow her against the line to set the anchor.  The twenty or so passengers on this tour stood at the rail while the Captain prepared to ferry them to the Shamrock for shore leave.
     She left early the next morning, about nine, heading for ports unknown.

Floor Plan of the Manitou




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