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A House Comes Across the Lake

     Just before nine o'clock on a calm Friday evening, July 17th, a modular home appeared on the Lake, floating out from behind Luney's Point at the end of a long steel cable attached to the stately green-and-black tug, the American Girl.  The sun was just setting, sending pink and purple striations through the sky as it slowed to enter the harbor.  A power boat full of jubilant people left one of the docks and towed a skier across the supple waves. Nearing the Gillespie dock, the tug's deckhands began to take up the cable, reducing the distance between the Girl and the barge.  After the wake had crashed against the shore, a small sailboat swooped into the channel near the Lighthouse, circled the red marker buoy, and gracefully returned to the beach.  By the time the barge was tied off, all the light had filtered away, and night had officially come.

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