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Lake Geneserath's
North Arm

     The North Arm of Lake Geneserath has long supported a public access site.  Over the years, a number of Island entrepreneurs have kept 12- rental boats here. The North Arm opens out into the main body of the lake, a one-square-mile, 55-foot-deep body of water supporting a wide variety of fish: northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, perch and bluegill, as well as an occasional steelhead and rumors of one or two sturgeon.
     Island diver Dick Burris, who formerly lived on the South Arm, investigated several reportings of sunken ships in Geneserath's depths, but was never able to return to the surface with incontrovertable proof.
     Several small streams feed into the west shore, and Cable's Creek connects its east shore with Lake Michigan in the spring.  The east side is developed, but the few structures to the west and north are collapsed old cabins from over eighty years ago.  In these woods, trails seem to lead everywhere, but most peeter out before getting anywhere at all.




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