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Egg Lake

     This nature habitat is surrounded by a variety of wetlands, and is difficult to approach. On two sides, nearly-overgrown old orchards provide raceways and bunking beds for the ample deer. We found a rosebush on the marshy south shore, and fleabanes (a variety of wild aster) blooming, with several other species, in the juniper-and-pine-encroached fields.  This ten-foot-deep stone-lined well and rusty farm implement were near the site of an old homestead on the north shore.

John Bonadeo Notes: "Egg Lake is different than it looks. It looks like a shallow bog, but it's really 60' deep.  Plus, the acid level is very low. It must be spring fed."  "So, are there fish in it?" we asked.  "I don't know ... I never tried fishing it. I never heard of anyone trying to fish it."

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