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Fishing at Fox Lake

     Wednesday evening, July 8th, was good for a half-dozen happy kids fishing from the shore at the public access site on Fox Lake -- as had been the earlier parts of the day.  "I caught a 7-inch pike from the boat," an 8-year-old boasted.  "It was a pike, wasn't it?" he asked his grandfather, who was busy re-casting the worm stump on the end of the boy's young sister's line. In the past, this marl-bottom, bowl-shaped, 18-foot-deep lake was one of the best Rainbow Trout lakes in the midwest. Now pike, perch, and largemouth bass are the dominant species.
     A few boats were out on the lake, floating languidly against the far shore. Every so often, a small panfish refused to let go of the stale bait until the kids pulled it to the shore, squeezed its mouth open, and twisted the hook free. It was a warm night, which induced a benevolent mood in which each caught fish was thrown back during the half hour we were there.




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