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A Community "Roof Raising"

A Loader lifts shingles to the Church Roof     Years ago, when the Episcopal Church was built, it was decided to let the innocent saplings sprouting around the perimeter live.  They grew taller, as saplings will, and eventually began brushing against and crowding into the roof.  The inevitable result was rot in the roofboards.
     The Congregation raised the funds to purchase materials -- including sheet styrofoam to somewhat insulate the roof and make it possible to extend the Service season.  The plan was to tear off only those roof boards (the first two or three tiers) that were rotted, replace them, lay down the blueboard, and add new OSB sheathing over the top.  Then a normal shingle roof, of tar paper, galvanized eve edge, and asphalt shingles, could be installed.
     The materials were purchased, but that exhausted the limited funds. Father Joe Howell suggested a volunteer effort, which began on Saturday, June 20th.  Members of the Congregation were joined by friends from St. Mark's in Grand Rapids, Grace in Holland, and a number of helpful Islanders. Contractors John Works Jr. and Dan Gentle were made honorary supervisors. A twelve-hour shift on Saturday was followed up Monday evening with more work. In the picture above, Jim Wojan has come over with his loader to lift the shingles onto the roof.  Judging from the size of the crew, the project should be complete by the end of the week.

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