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The Bike Path: an Unqualified Success

Story from the July 2003 Beaver Beacon / Photos from the Beaver Beacon Summer 2003

     When the subgrade was being prepared for the mile-long bike path leading from town to the North Shore campground, the buzz contained several notes of skepticism: Does it have to be so wide? Can't it be longer? Couldn't we save the grand old tree in the middle of the Beaver Lodge Road?  But once it was built and opened to the public in early June, it was apparent that Township Engineer Gary Vogt and the H & D crew knew their business.  From dawn until dark it's being used by walkers and runners, by people on bikes or skates, singly or in groups or with their dog.  It contains level sections and slopes, straightaways and curves, sunny stretches and shade, providing a variety of surroundings along its length. At its terminus the Township has created a little park by installing 3 picnic tables and 3 grills outside the entry to the campground. Coupled with the picnic area planned for Heritage Park, this gives walkers and riders a place to cool down at either end.  Now all we need is a similar bike path to Donegal Bay.

     The Finished Donegal Bay Bike Trail is shown in red.  The Gull Harbor Nature Preserve Trail is shown in medium blue.




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