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     When the Beaver Island Lumber Company closed its operation in 1915, its track was taken up and its assets sold. This Lumber Company house was rolled down the railroad right-of-way and installed next to the Gatliff house on the Back highway for Barney Martin, where it is currently being remodelled for its present owner.

   Twelve years ago, Mary and Geoff Bushor bought Josie Martin's home after she moved to Charlevoix, intending to restore it.  Their project was slow to take shape, partially because they had limited time and funds --and partially because everything they thought of seemed so promising that they had a hard time making up their mind. Their ultimate objective is to have a restored, winterized, and finished home to come to, whenever they can get away from their commitments in Chicago.  They are still a few years away from that, but they feel they are over the hump.  They've installed an efficient wood stove capable of heating the home, and also plan to put in a furnace. The next step is to replace the single-pane windows with insulated glass.  In the meantime, their magnificent garden distracts all passers-by from noticing the aspects of their ambitious project they have not yet completed.




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