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From the Archive: The Community House Project moves forward - but in a new location.
(January 1999 Post)

   In the past half year the Preservation Association has made remarkable strides in their project to bring a Community House to Beaver Island. Disappointed but not depressed over the possibility of having to find a new site because of the parking problem, Marilyn Clark and the Board continue to make progress.  Recent donations totalling $57,950 have brought them nearly to the half-way point in qualifying for an offered "matching challenge grant" of $150,000.
icon     They have come a long way in determing what they want and establishing credibility for being able to achieve it.  This is no longer an impossible dream; we can now reasonably anticipate our lives being enriched from their hard work.

Work on PABI's Community House's facade begins! 
(July 1998 Story)

     On June 19th, expert scaffold erector Red Rowley, industrious jack-of-all-trades Art Johnson, and others began preparing the facade of the former Dockside Market.  This ambitious project appears to be moving forward, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated portion of the Beaver Island community.


The Preservation Association of Beaver Island (PABI) has a website of their own at

Also pictures of the demolition of the former Dockside Market are archived.




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