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The Acacia from the bridge of the Emerald Isle

The Acacia Opens the Harbor for the Emerald Isle

     As many of those on the Island know, there were a number of outages yesterday (Saturday) --starting with a 90-minute one early in the morning.  The largest generator broke down for a time and left us barely able to keep up.  Through a great effort by Dan (the oscilloscope) man, Bob Stillwell, Mike Easly and Jim Tucker, repairs were made after parts were found and flown in, our mid-crisis crisis was over. Many people cooperated by reducing power consumption to allow all Island circuits to eventually be picked up. There was much switching of lines and circuits by John Gillespie and Jim Wojan to help the effort.  Islanders are encouraged to communicate with one another during power outages and to remind their friends and neighbors to reduce their power consumption when there are problems or outages.  Simply turning off the breaker to the hot water heater will help tremendously.
     As announced on TV, help is on the way! The attached photo shows the United States Coast Guard cutter Acacia, which came into the harbor this morning and broke out the Emerald Isle. The photo is from the bridge of the Emerald Isle.  The other speaks for itself!  They are on their way to Charlevoix to pick a generating unit to help.  It will generate 1700 kilowatts, which is almost the same amount of power the other generators produce combined!  This doesn't mean we are out of the woods, but it sure helps.

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Ed. Note:  Thanks again to Rich Gillespie ( ) for giving us the inside scoop on the Islandīs power situation.

A view of the Acacia from the Emerald Isle




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