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Sailboat and Powerboat passing at the harbor's mouth
A speedboat emerging from the harbor
a trimaran sits on a buoy protected by the point

Sunday Afternoon on Beaver Island's Harbor

     Sunday, July 5th, was a wonderful day for enjoying Paradise Bay: warm, sunny, and clear. Although several of the sailboats that were here for the Fourth got a jump on their return voyage by leaving early, and the 55' Sea Ray had a Monday evening appointment in Lake Erie, the harbor enjoyed every kind of nautical action: fishermen, rubber rafters, dinghies, rowboats, sailboards, kayaks, canoes, houseboats, pontoon boats (that's John McCafferty towing kids in inner tubes), boats to and from Garden Island, sailboats coming in under power and under sail throughout the afternoon, powerboats with girls in French Cut bikinis, cruisers leaving their latex-wetsuit-clad water skiers bobbing the surf, jet skis jumping the wakes, three docked ferries (the Beaver Islander, the South Shore, and Bud Martin's West Shore), the reddest tug on all the Great Lakes -- the Shamrock, and the stately Emerald Isle bringing in another load of passengers just in time for dinner.  And after dinner, the informal regatta continued their frolic until dark.

tubing in front of the town

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