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The Skeet Club

     Twenty years ago, Perry Gatliff acquired this building, ostensibly to serve as a clubhouse for a group of skeet-shooters that included Glen Arden. Legend has it that it cost him a TV set, which may not have worked.
     This originally was located two lots north of the John Runberg home on King's Highway at the edge of St. James. It was built in the 1930's by James McCann, as an uninsulated, unfinished cottage.  When James decided to build the Beachcomber Bar, he sold it to Charles McCann, a Bay City dentist, to raise the funds he would need for construction.
     John Gillespie moved it from town to the Peter Johnson farm on Darkeytown Road, and set it up on blocks.  At that time, the roof was still good enough to shed water. It saw some use, but none since Perry's passing fifteen years ago, and no one ever used it to shoot skeet.




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