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Once Again, The Beaver Island Fire Department Comes to the Rescue.

     On Friday, April 27th, shortly after noon, the Beaver Island Fire Department was called to put out a brush fire on Barney's Lake Road.  When they arrived, about 100' x 100' patch of junipers, crinkly dry grass, and a few pines was in flames.  The wind was not strong, but its direction kept shifting so first the blaze would burn in one direction but then change, unpredictably, to another.
     The Fire Fighters arrived within a few minutes of getting the call.  They speedily maneuvered into position to surround the conflagration in order to contain it, positioning four trucks on all four sides. They acted quickly and decisively, unrolling hoses and marching them towards the now-towering flames. They worked like a precision team, with everyone understanding their function and performing it without a pause. Within a few minutes it was obvious that the fire would be contained and would not go out of control.
     Working with hoses, backpack tanks, shovels, and rakes, they attacked the fire from every direction around its perimeter, beating it back into a dwindling area.  Within a half hour the flames were out, but the volunteers didn't quit, striding through the charred remains and poking at and dousing any simmering spot.  Different teams moved back and forth to make sure every spark was extinguished.  Finally they were satisfied that no threat remained. The trucks rolled back to the station an hour and a half after receiving the call.
     Beaver Island is very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of talented volunteers. They dropped their regular work to answer the call.  This was not as bad a fire as others have been, and there was little likelihood of injury, yet they were coughing afterwards from inhaling smoke and their clothes were ready for the wash.  They made and continue to make a substantial sacrifice to do this job for all of us. We express our thanks for their dedication, bravery, and talent.




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