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Lake Michigan reaches a new low level

     Low water in the Harbor results in hundreds of feet of extra beach. The drawback - where boats previously traveled with ease, the water is now only 6-12" deep - lower even than the previous low during the 1960's. Though getting a canoe away from shore is now a bit of work, it can be fun to jump out to the half-dozen new 'islands' which reform weekly a yard or so out.

     While the east side of the Island has wide sandy beaches this year, in most places the west side has become more rocky. Shown above and below are pictures taken at McCauley's Point and Bonner's Bluff in the first week of May 2000.  On a positive note, just exploring the new boulders is interesting for those of us who remember them all in their original places.  "I bet we took the skiff right over that one," I find myself saying again and again.




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