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Shoreline pools near the moonscape

A Sunset at Bonners Landing


     As a boater, I was very excited when I observed that Lake Michigan was actually an inch or two higher than it had been earlier this spring. The sand peninsulas along the shore had gotten thinner as they rearranged themselves on a daily basis, and the ponds looked a bit more interesting now that the Lake seemed to be on the rise. Unfortunately, a drive around the Island revealed a new evidence of low water and dry weather - while in the spring our Inland lakes seemed to be holding their own, this summer they dropped severely.  Font lake now has a hundred-foot mud flat in place of the previous launch ramp.  The photograph below shows a skid path where some adventurous soul launched their skiff though. The south end of Barney's Lake is similarly alarming, but Miller's Marsh is possibly the most dramatic as not a drop of water remains.

Garden's Indian Harbor

Miller's Marsh

Barney's Lake - South End

Extended Launching Ramp at Font Lake (standing at previous water line)

Fox Lake




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