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     [ continued ]
     Once again, the Ambassador of Hog Island, Erik Peterson, took part, but delicate diplomatic negotiations have not yet produced a new treaty. Behind him came Mush, John McCafferty's trailer of husky sled dogs: Shayla Blue.  John Jr. followed, with his friends lovingly holding adorable husky cubs.  John Johnson's convertible hauled Sue Welke and a trailer of kids throwing candy to adults in a welcome reversal of roles. Adam Anderson towed a 21' Eclipse powerboat from his Beaver Island Marine, with his talented crew manning its stations and Pat and Sheldon trying to keep up in a Geo rental.  A perfectly-restored Model A truck hummed along like a giant sewing machine in front of the McDonough's flatbed with more candy hurlers. The Goschi clan drove a bubble machine ahead of the Christian Brothers' truck, which furled a banner reading, "Praying for PABI."  Pam White and her daughter and friend rode three beautiful ponies in precision formation, followed by the always-ebullient Jody in an elegant white suit throwing heaps of treats from his garbage-can-on-wheels and laughing at the moon as his sister-in-law, the "Reiki lady", offered to read fortunes.  That was easy; everyone's was the same: they would all have a very good time.
     The only glitch to the afternoon occurred because the parade was too long for the small loop of its downtown route: the lead marchers caught up to the trailing celebrants, completing the circle like a snake swallowing its tail.  Not realizing what had happened, they went around and around and around, growing dizzy and exhausted until the Grand Marshall was awakened and asked to jump into the fray to declare the parade to be officially over, just as the planes circled overhead.

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