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Beaver Harbor Light

     This light tower is the second to stand on this spot, Whiskey Point, the site of the original Lifesaving Station.  The first tower was built in 1856, but lasted less than twenty years because poor construction.  After this one was built, a Light Keeper's house was added, which lasted into the 1940s.
     The Light itself has been automated for some time.  Because of advances in direction-finding equipment, the Coast Guard has decided to close down all of its remaining beacons in Michigan.  However, having stood watch over the fate of this lake-oriented community for so many decades has given this light a special importance to Beaver Islanders, and they have resolved to do whatever it takes to keep it going.  At present, the joint Township Boards are considering underwriting its operating cost.  If this can't be accomplished, the Beaver Island Historical Society has been discussing obtaining the light's fresnel lens from the Coast Guard, hoping to build a similar tower (although out of wood and not brick) at its Marine Museum.  [ Current Picture ]




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