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The Art of Cindy Ricksgers    


Sleep, Wake, Hope


A  Peculiar Imprisonment (Charlotte Gellman)


Fortresses, Dungeons, and Keeps
(Marge Piercy)

     Artist Cindy Ricksgers, former Instructor at MSU and gallery owner in Lapeer, and descendant of a long-time Island family, has decided not to leave the Island for any more teaching jobs, but to make this her full-time home, no matter what. In past years, problems with her chalet on the old Fox Lake Road almost forced her to move away during the winter (one year her pipes froze 13 times), but last fall a dozen friends pitched in to help her insulate, shingle, side, and finish her home. She had already spent years bringing the soil around to support the garden she loves, which has been one of the sources of her inspiration.  Now that she has set her mind on staying, she should be able to make great strides in her work.
     A polished artist in many media (sculpture, oil painting, collage, and print making, to name a few), she is currently selling her work on Beaver Island at the Living Stone Studio, off the island at MainFrame Gallery, and showing her work at Beaver Island Books.


     Her art is known for its subtle balance, its surprising concatenations of color and imagery, and its layers of symbol, nuance, and mood.  These five vibrant works, which she created for the Museum Week Art Show, are at times somber, at other times playful; they are typical of her talented, mature, and poetic recent output.  Everyone who has seen them hopes that fate grants her decades of productivity in our midst.

Wish by Spirit


Morning Song




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