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What is the difference between a V.92 modem and the older 56k or 28.8/33.6 modems?

The V.92 standard brings three new key features to 56K technology:

Quick Connect reduces the time it takes to make a connection to your service provider. By "remembering" the line conditions from the previous connection, the modem can bypass portions of its training sequence and get you online faster.

V.PCM Upstream allows the modem's upstream communication to reach speeds up to 48 Kbps. You choose whether to maintain the fastest possible downstream speed (up to 53K) or whether to "balance" your connection for somewhat slower downstream and faster upstream communication.

Modem on Hold makes the most of Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Voice Mail services from your phone company. The modem software will alert you to incoming calls while you are online, and tell you who is calling. If you take the call, the modem "suspends" your online session during your conversation, and lets you resume it afterwards without redialing. If you ignore the call, it will be routed to your voice mail.

What is Multilinking?

Multilinking allows you to connect using two or more modems and splits the data between the connections thus doubling your connection speed (minus some overhead). There is the cost of the additional phone line, but for those wishing to send or receive files, e-mails, music, downloads, or other data twice as fast as using a single modem connection, multilinking provides an option which requires only traditional phone lines and an ISP who supports it.  In its most common form, multilinking allows you to achieve connection speeds of up to 112K. You need 2 modems or a "Shotgun" modem, and 2 phone lines for multilinking to work.  In their initial presentation, Great Lakes Energy indicated that they will support multilinking!




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