Beaver Island . Lake Michigan

Discover A Beautiful Island in Lake Michigan with a Unique History

Welcome to The Beaver Island Archipelago

As the center island of the Beaver Island Archipelago, Beaver Island offers a unique opportunity and freedom to live in nature, surrounded by magnificent forests, dramatic sand dunes, friendly people, majestic wildlife, and beautiful sand beaches and blue green water in every direction you walk.

Most people coming to Beaver Island look forward to its abundant nature and solitude. But the Island also offers the basic conveniences of life - access by either ferry or airplane, groceries, hardware store, Internet access virtually island-wide, community center, fine museums, yacht dock and marina, gift shops, music festival, art galleries, and many events during the summer.

Much of what the Island offers is free for the finding: beachcombing, bird watching, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, or exploring the other islands. View the shipwrecks, enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, go scuba diving, or explore the Beaver Island archipelago with fishing, island-hopping, lighthouse, or sunset charters. There are over 100 miles of scenic roads, and too many old trails to count. Abandoned old cabins. Beaver dams. Landscape artifacts that go back thousands of years. The beauty of wildflowers. The more people enjoy just getting away, the more they love Beaver Island.

And Beaver Island has a rich history, from Native American to Mormon to Irish settlement. The robust fishing industry. Logging and the railroad and sawmills. The Island as a hub on the Great Lakes. Life on the outer Islands. Apple orchards and farming. Transportation by early boats and planes. And because much of the Island is natural and unspoiled and Islanders have a passion for their roots and ancestors, the Island's history is still very much alive and can be explored in so many places on the Island by foot and friendly conversations with locals.

Beaver is the most remote inhabited Island in the Great Lakes. The residents' independence and respect for the nature and traditions of Beaver Island have made time slow down. Come and discover where Beaver Island may fit in your life.

Beaver Island Places and Excursions

Lighthouse Quest

A great two-day trip with a great group to visit the lighthouses in and around our Beaver Archipelago from the wonderful South Fox Island Lighthouses to the Old Waugoshance Point Lighthouse. continue »

A Trip to Garden Island

Agnes had been born on Garden in 1916, during the Great War, but had left six years later for Indian School in Harbor Springs. She remembered little of her time there, but hoped that actually setting foot on the island, and perhaps even finding remains of the home in which she had lived, would free hidden memories... continue »

A Day-trip to High Island

It was a hot day, slightly overcast, with a very slight roll to the deep, blue-green sea. Cormorants and gulls were conducting their business as usual. The breeze rushing over our heads felt great... continue »

Sunset at French Bay

French Bay, named after Nels LaFreniere's logging camp, presented us with a beautiful vista: churning blue water, fleecy clouds, and a sun preparing to set... continue »

Beaver Island Head Light

The Island's Lighthouses have long been beacons and landmarks to guide us home. Some stories from the archive about Beaver Island's head light... continue »

Inland Lakes

Beaver Island also has several inland lakes to explore: Font Lake, Barney's Lake, Round Lake, Egg Lake, Fox Lake, Greene's Lake, and Lake Geneserath and the wonderful nature path around Miller's Marsh... continue »

Paradise Bay

An afternoon on Beaver Harbor 20 years ago was much as it is today... the panorama of the town of St. James and the peaceful protected harbor is a wonderful place to arrive for the first time or to come home once again... continue »

An Overview of Beaver Island's History

Beaver Island as we know it first appeared out of the ice eleven thousand years ago. Since then, its form has changed considerably because of the rise and fall of Lake Michigan, which has ranged over a differential of 375'... continue »

45°44'30.0"N . 85°30'42.0"W

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45°44'30.0"N . 85°30'42.0"W

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45°44'30.0"N . 85°30'42.0"W

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