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Beaver Island

Lighthouse Quest
A great two-day trip with a great group to visit the lighthouses in and around our Beaver Archipelago from the wonderful South Fox Island Lighthouses to  the Old Waugoshance Point Lighthouse.  [ continue ]

A Wonderful Tradition
With all the progress on the Island - new pavement in town, new homes, new medical center, new police, today we were overjoyed to see three horse drawn buggies on the East Side Drive reminding us what Beaver Island is all about.  [ continue ]

Whiskey Point Light
The second of Beaver Island's lighthouses was built in 1856 at Whiskey Point, the site a trading post eighteen years earlier... continue ]

New Beaver Island Book
Released July 2011, Life in the Beaver Island Archipelago, the new 12" x 9" hardcover book with 208 pages of full color, is now available on Beaver Island at the Community Center, the two Museums, McDonough's, Livingstone Studio, Whimsy, and the Toy Museum. continue ]

Burke's Farm
East of the old "White Dan" Greene farm, this pristine location supported Pat Burke's family dairy operation until the beginning of WW II.... continue ]

1938 Aerial Photos
Garden Island and the Israelites´ clearings on High Island as seen from the air in 1938. continue ]

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Some of our Favorite Island Stories & Places

Beaver Island's Boats and Tugs
[ continue ]

A First day trip to High Island
[ continue ]

Sunset at Cheyenne Point
[ continue ]

Walking around Garden Island
[ continue ]


Hiking on the Blue Trail
[ continue ]

Sunset at French Bay
[ continue ]

South Greene's Bay
[ continue ]


Greenes' Lake Fall Colors
[ continue ]

The winter of  Ice Caves
[ continue ]

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