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1998 Annual Fly-In

     This year, two C-130 Hercules Lockheeds from Selfridge Air Base cruised over the Island's annual Fly-in.  After their first fly-over, they circled and returned with a second wingtip pass. The C-130s are nearly 100 in length with a wingspan of 132. The planes are powered by 4,300 hp engines, but were nearly silent passing overhead. 


     Although the C130s awed everyone, the display of planes on the ground was equally as impressive.  Sixty aircraft flew in for the show, and Island Airways demonstrated some short-field takeoffs. 
     After the fly-in was in question a few years ago, we're glad that this Island tradition has been restored.  Everyone enjoyed the day immensely. The school was involved, businesses sponsored pilot awards, and most of the community enjoyed the show. 




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